House Bill 7


Companion Bill: SB107: Never Heard in  Committee

House Bill 7 approved by the house is under attack in the Senate.  The Senate Business & Commerce Committee is planning to add loopholes to HB7 that are designed to benefit developers of large tracks of land, not people living single family homes. The committee meets Tuesday August 8th at 9:00 AM. The proposed changes strip cities of local control & could lead to clear cutting.

What can you do?

Tell the Senators not to amend HB7 by:
– Contacting the members of Business & Commerce Committee which you can find here.
– If you know someone residing in one of the member’s district, maps are located below, have them contact their Senator.
– Testify at the committee hearing tomorrow.

Inform the House by:
– Letting your House member know that the Senate is attempting to add loopholes to HB7 that will completely change the character of the bill they passed.
– If you know anyone who knows the speaker, have them reach out to him and let him know the proposed changes are not acceptable.