Senate Bill 14

author: SEN. BOB HALL

Companion Bill: HB70

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AN ACT relating to a property owner’s right to remove a tree or vegetation
… a municipality, county, or other political subdivision may not enact or enforce any ordinance, rule, or other regulation that restricts the ability of a property owner to remove a tree or vegetation on the owner ’s property, including a regulation that requires the owner to file an affidavit or notice before removing the tree or vegetation. | see ENTIRE BILL (.pdf, 45k) |

Bill approved in committee by a 6-3 vote on July 23, 2017 as follows:

Against (For the Trees): Larry Taylor Dist11, John Whitmire Dist15 and Judith Zaffirini Dist21.

For (Against the Trees): Donna Campbell Dist25, Brandon Creighton Dist4, Craig L. Estes Dist30, Kelly Hancock Dist9, Robert Nichols Dist3, Charles Schwertner Dist5.